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Metatrone is a Christian power-prog metal band formed by musicians coming from many previous musical experiences,
mostly involved in metal music. Davide Bruno, Jo Lombardo, Tony Zappa, Virgilio Ragazzi and Stefano "Ghigas" Calvagno
formed the band in 1997 under the monicker of Metafora producing with Track Records Productions (TRP) a four track Ep
called "Reazioni e Memorie", featuring some amazing anthems like "Una Parte di Me".
As many things in life changes, it was four years later (2001) that one of the founding members, keyboardist Davide Bruno
decided to begin a new spiritual journey bringing him to change completely his life becoming a Priest. After this important decision,
another one will be essential: Metafora decided to change their monicker as Metatrone from that moment on.
The new band's name means "God is since now and forever", consequently the band begins to write power-prog metal songs
deeply inspired by a Christian Catholic view of life and human being. It was in 2005 when they produced with the help of TRP music
their first album called "La Mano Potente" soon followed by the english version called "The Powerful Hand" distributed by Scarlet Records
in Europe and King Records in Asia.
After its release, the band begins to play often live in Italy and around the world as well, playing at festivals like Elements of Rock twice,
Tumbalong Park and World Youth Day in Australia just to name a few.
As many time happens, they toured a lot but immediately after they began to write new songs which bring them to a new
and highest musical and lyrical level, songs were more influenced by prog but powerful at the same time. Most of that songs will be released
on their third studio album, "Paradigma". The new stunning 13 tracks album was produced by the band and TRP Music, officially released
on 25 december 2010: the album features songs sang in english, italian, latin and spanish with some interesting growling vocal choruses
performed by priest Davide himself getting very good reviews on the most popular metal magazines like Metal Hammer Italy, Metal Maniac
and many other on-line magazines.
On May 2012 the band released their first videoclip, "In Spe Resurrectionis" from "Paradigma" (winning also the David Award as best italian song
at V Premios David) while on june 2013 the band released a single track called "Heavenly Field" written against the Zionist policy supporting Gaza
population at the time featuring italian hip hop band One Crew as special guest on vocals.
The band now is working at the new album release with a different line up: Tony Zappa and Virgilio Ragazzi
has been now replaced by Dino Fiorenza on bass (Billy Sheehan, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, John Macaluso)
and Salvo "T-Metal" Grasso on drums (Hypersonic, DenieD). band_img
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